Conditions for linking additional funder to publication

As a member of a funding facility entity registered at crossref, are there any conditions to add missing funder/award information that could be missing in a publication record ?
Meaning, the author/publisher forgot to export it. But, as a funder, I can assert it by a text phrase in publication text ex: “this work as been performed using experimental time awarded at facility X” )

Is this the process to follow : documentation/funder-registry/updating-funding-deposits-with-new-registry-info/ ?

Thanks for the great work at crossref :slight_smile:

Hi Ren,

Thanks for your question.

Only publishers can make changes to the metadata records for their published content.

If there’s metadata missing from a particular publication’s record, you should feel free to contact the publisher directly. Or, if you’re unable to get in touch with them, please send the relevant details to and we’ll pass that along to our contacts at the publisher.

It’s also worth keeping in mind that we only strictly require a relatively small set of core bibliographic metadata. We strongly encourage members to supply all other metadata, including fund data, that they can. But, not all members have the technical capacity or resources to do so. So, in some cases, a lack of funding data for a particular item might just be because that particular publisher doesn’t submit funding data in general, not because it was neglected for that one publication. But, in either case, we’re always happy to give a publisher a gentle reminder that supplying funding data is a good idea and useful to them and to the scholarly community at large.


Hi Shayn,

Clear, only publisher can update crossref doi records.

I want to contribute to enhance funding information related to crossref dois.

I could rely on other services like “europepmc” text mining services that can detects grants, ( “openaire” do that as well). They may also provide service to “annotate” dois with my funder id.

Maybe, it “should” be done within crossref .
The requirement is in the end to link a crossref doi to a crossref funder doi. The crossref schema defines a funder/award field for this information. Would that proposal fit in the roadmap of crossref event api ?


Hi Ren,

We really appreciate your interest in enhancing funding data!

In terms of directly updating or amending publication records, the gist is that there needs to be a single entity (typically the publisher) that’s responsible for stewarding and persistently maintaining a given record. And we don’t have plans to fundamentally change that model.

However, we have identified community-sourced metadata corrections/assertions on our roadmap as something we’d like to implement in the future. That project is planned to initially focus on identifying retractions, but community-sourced updates to other types of metadata, including funding data, would be a natural outgrowth of that project. Publishers would still need to approve each suggested update, though.

And, all that said, there is a way to link a publication to a funder from the funder side. If the funder in question joins Crossref as a funder member, and registers Grant DOIs, they can assert a relationship in the Grant’s metadata indicating that a particular publication was based on research funded by that grant.

For instance, if you look at this example Grant deposit, the relationship metadata looks like this:

<program xmlns="">
                <description>article funded by grant</description>
                <inter_work_relation identifier-type="doi" relationship-type="continues">10.5555/letsgogrants03b</inter_work_relation>

That indicates that the Grant being registered with the metadata deposit (10.32013/vGVkUKI) funded research that resulted in the publication 10.5555/letsgogrants03b. And, relationships are included in Event Data.

Grant DOIs can be registered for awards of time at research facilities, not just for funding.