Crossref Payment Portal Password Reset

Dear All,

I received an email with the object “Crossref Payment Portal Password Reset” from TPro3
As it speaks about a new payment portal, I ask if this is a spam or an official mail from Crossref.

Thanks for the help.

Fausto Passariello
Fondazione Vasculab, Italy.

Hi Fausto

Thanks for checking, and sorry for the alarm. This was an official email from us and it was sent to the billing contact on all Crossref member accounts on Monday 27th September.

I’m aware it does look a bit worrying as it hasn’t come from a Crossref email domain, but it’s the third party payment software that we use. We sent out an earlier email last week to all billing contacts explaining that the portal is being upgraded and asking them to keep an eye out for this message, but I know that not everyone will have had a chance to read that yet - I know I have lots of unread emails in my own inbox!

Many members already use our payment portal to view their invoices and pay by credit (or most debit) cards, and we’re upgrading it to make it even more secure. You can follow the link in the email to set your personal password - even if you already have credentials for the old payment portal, you’ll still need to set your password on the new portal. The payment portal is a great resource even if you can’t pay by credit card - you can review your paid and unpaid invoices and download a PDF of them if you need a copy. And if you’re based in the US, you can also use the portal to pay using ACH.

There’s more information on the payment portal page on our website, but let us know if you have further questions.

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