Some changes to Crossref Metadata Search (

As you might have noticed, our metadata search tool at has been struggling for the past few months.

Some searches are routinely getting an “Internal Server Error” in response. The problem has to do with the way Crossref Metadata Search retrieves data from our API.

As an initial fix, we’re going to make a change to Crossref Metadata Search this coming Monday, March 7th. We will be removing the facets that currently appear on the left-hand side of the results page. These are used to limit search results, for example, by content type, publication year, publisher, etc.

The facets are very resource-intensive, and removing them should largely prevent searches from timing out and getting the “Internal Server Error” responses. We believe this will be a big improvement in the short term, even if it does limit certain ways of searching.

After that change, we’ll evaluate the performance of Crossref Metadata Search and consider how best to bring back facets over time, while maintaining the functionality of the tool.

If you have any thoughts, questions, or feedback, please reply here to let us know.



This change has now been made

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